Providing and installing a wide variety of leaf protection products, we work with each home's unique characteristics such as the roof line and style, the landscaping around the structure, the aesthetics of each leaf protection system, and of course the cost of the various choices. Our experts will help you choose the best system to keep your gutters free and clear of debris, thus ensuring your gutter system works effectively.

There are two types of leaf protection systems:

  1. Solid Bull Nosed Leaf Protection which relies on the premise of water adhesion. Water adheres to the leaf protection surface and follows the leading edge around and down into the gutter. Debris is shed over the edge.
  2. Filter Style Leaf Protection is when water passes through hole perforations in the surface of the protection and debris is kept out. When debris does not enter, the leaf protection system flushes through. 

These styles require that a gutter system is properly sloped and utilizes the larger 3 x 4 downspouts - all which the Alpha Team will complete prior to installation. 


  Recommended     Leaf Protection    options which can be  installed on 5 inch or  6 inch gutter systems:

  Solid Bull Nosed Systems   (which are like a helmet):

  • Leaf Off​

  Filter Style Systems:

  • Leaf Shelter
  • Rain Drop
  • Shur Flo

Hand-cut corners attractively handle the complicated roof line of this custom home

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A Note About Flashing and Drip Edge:

Some roofs have no drip edge, some have drip edge only on the gables, while some have drip edge over all gable and eve fascias. If there is existing drip edge at the eve fascia (which is where the gutters are installed), the Alpha Team will install the new gutter under the drip edge to prevent water from getting behind the gutter and onto the fascia.  If there is fascia exposed in the area above the gutter and below the shingle, and there is no drip edge or flashing, WATER can get behind the gutter, rotting the fascia. This is an easily overlooked problem for homeowners but our experts will ensure that your system will be properly installed with any problems addressed during your free estimate.

If you already have gutters and desire to keep them debris-free, consider purchasing a leaf protection system. Alpha Gutters will ensure that your current gutters are in good condition, properly sloped and are prepped and ready to work congruently and effectively with your new leaf protection system.

Example of rotted fascia after old gutters are removed, prior to a new gutter system.  The old gutter system was not properly flashed thus leading to the water damage on the eve fascia of the home.

Examples of  flashing that extends down over the back of the gutter to protect the fascia from getting water on it. 

No roof is too complicated for our gutters!




  • Seamless 5 inch or 6 inch open style gutters
  • Available in .027" and .032" gauge thickness
  • Comes in 23 standard colors in aluminum
  • Copper and 24 gauge galvulume available
  • Half round gutters are available
  • Customized box gutters are another option
  • Standard 3 x 4 downspouts offered in a .019" and .025" gauge thickness.
  • Plain square downspouts are also available
  • Hanger are mounted to fascia with 1.5 inch galvanized screws at 2 ft intervals.
  • "Raytech Hangtite hidden hangers are used which are the strongest available on the market

Be aware that broken shingles, short shingles, loose gutters and excessive space between the top of the gutter and the edge of the shingle can also lead to water getting behind the gutter and rotting the fascia. Alpha Gutters can custom fit aluminum flashing to extend from under the shingles down into your gutters, existing gutters or new ones.